Who is the Bike Shrink?

The Bike Shrink is somebody who knows about bikes, and knows people who know about bikes, and who wants to help you find the bike that’s right for you. As an impartial, independent party unaffiliated with any bike store or manufacturer, I will never try to sell you any bike gear. I make no commission from anyone. I will simply provide answers to your questions about bikes and cycling, however general or specific, and impartial guidance while you buy a new or used bike.

My sole purpose is to match you up with the bike that’s right for you. That bike is different for everybody.

Client testimonials

In less than a month, the Bike Shrink helped me sell my old bike, select a new one and find the most affordable way to customize it. He sympathized with every bike-related neurosis and inspired me to be a frequent bike-rider around the city. --Brook L., West Village

I had a bunch of questions about getting a bike. The Bike Shrink answered all of them and helped me feel a lot more confident walking into a bike shop than I did before. I’m extremely happy with the bike I chose. --Lisa G., Gramercy

The Bike Shrink helped me buy the first bike I’ve had in more than 10 years. Working with him I got a much better idea of what I wanted, and I wound up with an awesome used bike. I’m really enjoying riding again. --Molly R., East Village

The Bike Shrink seemed happy to answer all my questions—and I had a lot. I’m definitely not in the dark anymore when it comes to bikes. --Andrew P., DUMBO

Reasons why you might need the Bike Shrink
  • You have a rough idea of what kind of bike you want, but want to talk with someone you can trust.
  • You loved to ride your bike as a kid but aren't sure how to get back into it as a grown-up.
  • You get a less-than-warm-and-fuzzy feeling when you’ve walked into a bike shop looking for friendly, helpful service.
  • You keep putting off your purchase because you feel intimidated by all there is to know about bikes.
The Bike Shrink feels your pain!

Because I'm an independent service, not a shop, I have no stake in upselling you more bike than you necessarily want or need, much less talking you into a bike you don’t love. All you’re paying for is personalized, one-on-one advice and guidance during the bike selection and buying process. Nothing more, nothing less.

How it works
The more you tell the Bike Shrink about what you’re looking for, the more I can help you. But if you can’t tell me much, that’s okay too.

Basically, you tell me what you want to know about, and I tell you everything I know. If I don't have the answer right away, I do research using my elaborate, rag-tag network of crusty bike gurus and obscure web sites. I do my absolute best to get you the information you need to find the bike you want.

Examples of querries to the Bike Shrink:

"I'm looking for a bike I'm going to use mainly on weekends. What do I need to know about what's out there?"

"My local bike shop says I can't get a decent bike for less than $400. Is that true?"

"I've never biked in the city before. What kind of bike should I use?"

"What are my options for using my bike to carry stuff?"

"What can I do to make my mountain bike into a daily commuter?"

These are the types of questions people ask me all the time. In most cases, there is no single answer. Over the course of the conversation that unfolds from these questions, I wind up finding out more about what the rider is looking for--what's important, what's not, and where there's curiosity, confusion or fear. Together, we zero in on the bike they wind up being crazy about.

The Bike Shrink often gazes at his bicycles in a trance of affectionate fascination and wonderment. I believe that's the way people are supposed to feel about their bikes. My job is to put you in touch with the bike that does that for you.

The Bike Shrink offers two service packages:

30-day session
Simply describe the kind of bike you’re looking for, how much you’re planning on spending, etc. Based on what you tell me, I will respond with recommendations for models you might want to consider. If you live in the NYC area, I can include information on the shops nearest to you that carry the brands I recommend. If you’re limiting your search to used bikes, I will provide a customized, detailed reference sheet that will help you find the right bike and avoid getting ripped off.

Over the 30-day session, you can email the Bike Shrink any questions you may have about the bikes you’re considering purchasing, new or used, as often as you need to. Armed with that information, you can walk into a bike shop and tell them exactly what you want, which will help boost your confidence, mitigate any bike shop B.S. and connect you to the bike that’s right for you.
Price: $29.99 + tax via paypal in advance

90-day session
Everything you get in the 30-day session for three times as long. Perfect for those of us who like to take our time with a purchase or aren’t in any particular rush to buy. Three months of unlimited, open communication with someone you’ve paid to listen to your concerns and address your questions.
Price: $69.99 + tax via paypal in advance

Hire the Bike Shrink today!
To hire the Bike Shrink, simply make payment through my PayPal link. After you get your confirmation email from PayPal, forward it to me at thebikeshrink@gmail.com, along with a detailed description of the bike you are looking for and/or any bike-related issue you would like to ask me about. I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible; your 30- or 90-day session will not start until I reply.

$ Money-back guarantee $
After you receive three email responses from the Bike Shrink, if you are not 100% satisfied with the Bike Shrink's style of personalized, one-on-one guidance and consultation, you will get a full refund. No loopholes, no asterisks, no fine print. After three responses from me, you'll know if I'll be able to help you or not, and it's more important to me that you are satisfied than it is for me to make a buck.

Bike Shrink session packages